With greater reliance on internet connectivity, business relationships are being forged online rather in person.
Currently, most brands have at least one online presence, while most have several.

Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and of course Facebook are the new homes of creating consumer bases, conducting business and advertising products. However, the overpowering presence of businesses on these platforms generates a good deal of pressure for companies trying to overtake their nearest competitors

Fortunately, marketing teams don’t have to go it alone in their efforts to raise their brand to the top. Many third-party apps exist that can leverage particular features of these social platforms and make marketing through social media a more productive and intuitive experience. Here are seven social media resources designed to help marketers advertise their brands more efficiently.

1. SocialDrift

Used by McDonald’s, Sprint and major industry influencers with millions of followers, SocialDrift is an Instagram marketer’s best friend. The platform automates Instagram interactions, which help to increase follower count conducting business. Users need to provide SocialDrift with information about ideal Instagram followers, and the platform will use machine learning to engage users through comments, likes and follows. Because of this engagement, users will frequently follow accounts.

In time, SocialDrift can increase the number of high-quality Instagram followers through the platform’s Instagram bot, named Securebot.

2. Buffer

Buffer offers a swift solution for businesses swamped by the multiple social media accounts they must manage. The application innovates marketing by allowing individuals and companies to queue posts for their various reports. Buffer works for many third-party extensions, in addition to the normal line-up of social platforms.

Furthermore, the app boasts many powerful tools like group collaborations, photo editing and detailed data analytics about social media performance. In reality, Buffer can take a myriad of social media accounts, make marketing more manageable by organizing.

3. Sendible

Are you a team managing social media for a lot of different clients? Sendible is the tool for you. Sendible has individual inboxes for each brand, accessible by any member of your team, so communication is streamlined. They also offer a content engine that suggests new material based on the topics of your profiles and followers. Also, there are entirely interactive calendars. Who said teamwork has to be hard?

4. MavSocial

MavSocial is management focuses on video and graphics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr. You can schedule or preview content to any or all of those platforms. And if you’ve run out of material, just reschedule. MavSocial also has features for engagement analytics, collaboration, galleries, image database and campaign creation. Choose from their five plans and get what works best.

5. Storyheap

Snapchat’s introduction of Stories in 2013 has quickly spread the feature across social media, with many several other social platforms joining the trend to get some of its’ benefits. Storyheap is specific to the Story feature, allowing brands to manage their Story straight from the web.

What Storyheap also offers is an in-depth analysis of the current and projected popularity of a brand’s Story. For now, the app is limited to Instagram and Snapchat, but support for other platforms are currently the works.

6. Unsplash

Having high-quality images and content is essential; after all, nothing drives away a follower like low quality. Unsplash is a database of beautiful, watermark-free, high-resolution, images that are free to use. You can still browse collections or use search engines like “Photos for Parent Bloggers.” or “Still Life.”

Once you see an image you like, you can save it in your collection, or download it for future use later. This software allows anyone to keep high- resolution, high-quality pictures.

7. Canva

Videos and Photos are highly influential on popular platforms like Instagram, Snapchatand Facebook. Consequently, marketing teams are almost always pressured to produce High-end graphics to increase brand visibility.

Canva contains plenty of design tools, tutorials, templates and more, so users can create almost anything they can conceive. With Canva, marketing teams with minimal experience can still generate fantastic content and acquire a more significant following.

8. nTuitive.social

Marketers may often feel lost when it comes to creating content that is fresh and relevant, but third-party algorithms can always assist in this instance. nTuitive.social combines detailed data analytics with refined scheduling and publishing tools to ensure brands can still provide exciting content.

With nTuitive having compatibility with over twenty platforms, the app analyzes social media decisions, monitors discussion of the brand, and offers suggestions to improve audience size and engagement. nTuitive.social acts as a social media multi-tool for businesses trying to change up their marketing strategy.

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