A blog is an affordable and accessible way to gain more traffic. It’s a simple element which you can use today to establish yourself as an industry leader.

It’s well-known that search engine (SEO) is a crucial aspect of significant search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Using links both external and internal will help these search engines index your site and help increase your rankings on search results.

People love to consume new materials about topics they are passionate about. Creating regular blog updates attracts new and regular readers to your site.

Having a blog allows your website to expand into different topics in your industry. A site is like a growing plant that needs attention to grow big and strong!

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Using Links as Currencies of the Internet

Even though Google might not reveal the algorithms on how they rank websites on search results, it’s established with many SEO experts that using hyperlinks is a critical aspect.

Search engine robot crawlers can’t understand pictures or comprehend the content; therefore, it uses the links in blog articles or on your website to establish credibility and understand what your site is about.

That’s why having your blog articles including external links to other websites can help your site rank higher in search engine results.

The quality of the link also plays a part in ranking. Links to an article from CNN.com will have more weight than an item from your local news website.

Internal links to different parts of your website also help crawlers index your website much quicker. They help point to different sections and help crawlers figure out the organizational scheme which it uses to guide users that visit.

Engaging Readers with Great Content

Readers continuously crave new contents about what they’re searching for. They want to learn and interact with others who are like-minded.

Being a reputable source and positioning your business as a thought leader helps builds trust in the community. People will refer to your site when they have questions or want to share their thoughts.

Customers can use your website as a good starting point to connect with others who they might not have been able to find.

Blogs are also great to integrate with your social media marketing. A blog post can be shared on popular platforms such as facebook or twitter to help attract even more readers to your website.

Watering and Growing Your Website

Great websites are always changing and evolving with the current times. Though websites can be created and left alone, it doesn’t give your readership anything new to come back to.

Updated blogs provide relevant, factual information about new ideas or practices in the industry that both satisfy your visitors and google rankings. Yes, even robot crawlers see fresh content as a useful metric of website credibility!

Using new keywords and expanding topics shows that your website has become smarter and evolved into something better.

It’s important to add new content and keywords on a regular basis, so there’s always activity.


Now you can see the benefits of having a blog for your website and why it’s essential to have one.

Though it will take effort, your readers will be glad that you are helping them learn and grow.

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