3 Beneficial Ways to Use Social Media to Improve your SEO in 2018

So we know that Social Media SEO basics are vital because we know that engagement on Social media is essential. However, providing valuable services and content will help you skyrocket your growth and sales.

Think about it: would you prefer to work with a company who communicates with customers, or another sterile, one-dimensional corporation who does not care about anything other than your dollars and cents?
SEO is often neglected in aspects of the business; it’s easy to start with some simple tricks to make your company famous.
Let’s get started!

Hack #1: Customer Engagement

This should be your primary goal on social media. It will always stand the test of time. You customers need value from your social media posts and content. Let’s look into their minds quick:

If I am looking for a new house, I want to find out what’s the best for me. I might read your content about the different areas that are available, and different prices. From reading your post, I may want to get additional information, so I would like the job or save it for later.
Where most businesses fall short is where they fail to engage customers after that little lead. At this point, you need to send a message on Facebook or tweet at them individually. You should use all social media tools at your disposal including emoticons, messenger bots and quick responses to reel them into your brand.

The personalized touch and make your customers feel that you do care about their needs. They will be happy that you gave them all the information that they need to make an informed decision. Get the idea? Great!

Hack #2: Using Paid Content

While organic results from search engines are ideal, take advantage of the different platforms that would target a more targeted, specific audience. If you find a platform where most of your customers hang out on the internet, you can purchase content that would help you attract potential clients for your business. Did you ever notice that Google displays ads on a particular subject when you search for it? Exactly! It works just like that.

It’s nice to have your engagement on your social media sites but even better if you combine this with a paid campaign

Hack #3: Maximize Every Feature

The nature of social media spins in a split second, so you need to be flexible as possible. New updates and features are released continuously, and by using some strategy, you can take full advantage of it.

Facebook have their ads, and Google have their AdWords, but you might want to look into Snapchat’s our story or Instagram’s stories features. Of course, there are many other types of elements of different platforms.

Knowing how to use each feature of the software is like being a great leader. Knowing how to maximize each function and playing it where it is the strongest is a solid strategy. If you played some chess before, then you know about this strategy.

Whether you’re selling fart candles (not kidding) of dog toys, social media can be a force multiplier in your advertising strategy. Most of the time, it’s even free to create an account or page to get your brand out there.

Your competitors would be left behind if you launch and strategize a successful campaign. Engage your customers, explore different platforms, maximize features are potent steps you can implement now.

If you have not started already on SEO and social media, you’re going to fall on hard times. Let’s get with it and make 2018 the year your business explodes with new customers. Be smart and take part!