Let ’s face it; YouTube is great for cute puppy videos, movie trailers, and do-it-yourself tutorials. It is as personal for me as the next YouTuber because video content speaks better than podcasts, blogs, or pictures. It’s all three rolled into one!

Bet you didn’t know that the platform reaches more 18-34-year-old adults than any cable network according to Nielsen. That’s 1 billion people visiting your company from all over the world every month to be exact.

Let’s look at some reasons why you might want to give up some Hulu or Netflix time to work on your company’s YouTube channel.

Untapped Worldwide Traffic At Your Fingertips
As part of your marketing plan, it’s a cost-effective way to reach out to many potential customers. With YouTube having 4 billion daily views per day, that’s something even your mother would be proud of.

The platform supports a worldwide audience, many different languages from different countries. That’s 88 countries speaking 76 languages, and you can take that to the bank!

Imagine all the ‘tubers viewing it from multiple devices like their tablets, laptops, and phones too. That’s an impressive amount of web traffic even when they’re on a bus going to the market. It turns out half the YouTube views are from mobile devices.

YouTube and Google Alliance

You might have also noticed that Google search results are coming up with more YouTube videos. They pop up usually within the first three links on search results when relevant, and that’s where more than 60% of user tends to click!

It’s no surprise that the after Google bought YouTube in 2006 that videos gained more weight in search engine rankings.

Here’s a quick tip: once other website owners embed or share your video on their website, Google will recognize that your content as a valuable and help increase your ranking even quicker!

Leveraging Social Media Integration and Re-purposing

When you create an excellent video of Nature RX (everyone can use more nature), it gets shared on other platforms , not only YouTube. Got a twitter, Instagram, snapchat, or some of the additional million of social media apps?

When your audience loves your stuff, their little retweet or repost can skyrocket your brand by attracting more enthusiasts!

Why stop at videos? You can even write articles, create podcasts, and create illustrious infographics for your audience on the same topic! Having multiple formats for consumption is like having a better menu at a restaurant!


Hopefully, we’ve got you on the edge of your seat excited about YouTube!!

It takes effort to creating content, but we all know good content is king. Take time to properly learn the mechanics, and you’ll be more popular than the Slow Loris video.

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